Years ago, I picked up a fascination with names...their meanings...the rhythms behind them. I chose to respond to it poetically.

This blog's a collection of some of the name poems I've written over the years.

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poem: Emerica...

(This name poem was written for a child. Her name was made up by the parent.)

name poem
If the whole world
gave up on love,

if love gave up
on itself,

I'd still love you…


If I had to choose
between the company of angels
and you,
there'd be no choice...

I'd tell the angels
to look for some other poor soul to bless

'cos if I could,
I'd kiss the sun onto your eyelids
so you'd never know a dark day

I'd wrap the rainbow
round your waist,
paint your little toes with clouds,
command the mountains
to speak of the beauty
I (so) see in you


If every smile from you
took a year away from me,
it'd be a life well spent

for if I came to my last breath,
I'd say "I love you"

my last breath
well spent...

©Copyright - the name poet.

poem: Maha...

(This name poem was inspired by a friend.)

name poem
The Creator
is the greatest make-up artist I know.
He fashioned your third eye
with Egyptian kohl.

Dark kohl
bright eyes
smiling eyes
truthful eyes
loving eyes

Never question why He created Darkness,
why He created those days
when your soul cowers
under the weight of the world,
those days when
the only thing sustaining you
is hope...

For in the spiritual laboratory,
when light is compared
with light,
all you see is light

but when light is compared
with darkness,
that’s when you see
its TRUE brightness.

Dark kohl
bright eyes
smiling eyes
truthful eyes
loving eyes

There is no need to say
what your name means…

Your eyes say it all.

©Copyright - the name poet.

[Maha means 'light' in Swahili - female]

poem: Daniela...

(I was asked to write this name poem for a child.)

name poem - daniela
Only God can judge you
but He's too busy doing interviews

so, Mother Nature's taken over
alas, she's not the judgmental type

rather, she's an artist
giving away her works of art for free.

That laughter of yours
- a musical composition arranged by her

she took the sound of rain,
wrapped it in silk,
spun it for days upon days,
then left it out to dry on an angel's harp

...and that became your laughter.

Mother Nature
ain't judgmental
She has better things to do
like give you 100 reasons
why she thinks you're beauty-full
(in the guise of 100 scuttling ladybirds
curved into a smile).

©Copyright - the name poet.

[Daniela means 'God is judge' in Hebrew - female]

poem: Uhuru...

(I have a particular fondness for Swahili names. Not sure why. I've written more name poems inspired by KiSwahili than any other names. Uhuru is Swahili for Freedom.)

name poem - uhuru
Freedom is Freedom is Freedom
and no matter what history may tell you
freedom cannot be bought or sold
It is within you
Always has been
Waiting for you to realise
Waiting for you to remember

History is His story is His story
His story
not yours
For a bottle of spring water
is not
and can never be
as pure
as the source from whence it came

The Source is The Source is The Source
The source is in your genes
Different schools of thought
Running helter-skelter
Bumping into each other
Searching for Eden in ancient books and bones
when you know and I know
that you were the first on the throne

'cos it's all there
in your genes
The Source
The Truth
Numero Uno

The Truth is The Truth is The Truth
The Truth is that you are Uhuru
You are Uhuru
No matter what his story may tell you

©Copyright - the name poet.

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