Years ago, I picked up a fascination with names...their meanings...the rhythms behind them. I chose to respond to it poetically.

This blog's a collection of some of the name poems I've written over the years.

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poem: Ghelila...

name poem

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If water was once turned to wine,
let the wine be a symbol
of all things that are possible

for miracles
are just possibilities
our hearts aren't used to.

You can move mountains
if you choose to
Hold the sun in your palm
if you choose to
Bring dead trees back to life
if you choose
Make the wind follow your every move
if you choose.

can make the clouds form
into the shape of your hips,
make the stars constellate your name,
make the whole world stop
and listen to your pain.

Tell the cock not to crow
and it'll obey
Tell the rain not to fall
and it won't
Think in currencies of peace
and one day,
there will be.

Water into wine:
a symbol
of all things possible.

For miracles
are just possibilities
our hearts aren't used to.

©Copyright - the name poet.

[Ghelila means 'Galilee' (Ethiopian)]


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