Years ago, I picked up a fascination with names...their meanings...the rhythms behind them. I chose to respond to it poetically.

This blog's a collection of some of the name poems I've written over the years.

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poem: Emerica...

(This name poem was written for a child. Her name was made up by the parent.)

name poem
If the whole world
gave up on love,

if love gave up
on itself,

I'd still love you…


If I had to choose
between the company of angels
and you,
there'd be no choice...

I'd tell the angels
to look for some other poor soul to bless

'cos if I could,
I'd kiss the sun onto your eyelids
so you'd never know a dark day

I'd wrap the rainbow
round your waist,
paint your little toes with clouds,
command the mountains
to speak of the beauty
I (so) see in you


If every smile from you
took a year away from me,
it'd be a life well spent

for if I came to my last breath,
I'd say "I love you"

my last breath
well spent...

©Copyright - the name poet.


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