Years ago, I picked up a fascination with names...their meanings...the rhythms behind them. I chose to respond to it poetically.

This blog's a collection of some of the name poems I've written over the years.

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poem: Ade...

name poem - ade
As I walk
through a library of memories,
my eyes fall on a book,
a thick leather-bound book.

I open and read of a Pharaoh
who had the courage of a Masai warrior
with arms that could weld the heaviest sword
and yet ...gently rock a child to sleep.

He was never afraid to stand firmly
in his own light,
in his own beauty,
his own wisdom.

His people loved him
and he loved his people.

ever so reluctantly,
I close this book
knowing it is not mine.

If you choose to read it,
to intimately reacquaint yourself
with each and every page,
you'll discover this book
...is about you.
You are that Pharaoh,
that warrior

if you choose to remember.

©Copyright - the name poet.

[Ade - Yoruba/Nigerian name meaning 'Royal One' - male]


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