Years ago, I picked up a fascination with names...their meanings...the rhythms behind them. I chose to respond to it poetically.

This blog's a collection of some of the name poems I've written over the years.

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poem: Dylan...

(I was asked to write a name poem for a newborn. I guess I could've penned an acrostic name poem as is commonly done for children, and sometimes I do, but for this, a free-flowing poem is what emerged)

name poem - dylan
Your name honours the sea
She honours you in return
by carving your nails
from the most delicate of her shells,
your tears from her finest salts,
and making seagulls your life-time guardians.

is your first language
for it was the sea
that taught you
how to swim
to the womb.

At dark, her mermaids creep ashore.
They listen to you through shells
to make sure you're okay while you sleep.

Somewhere out there, Dylan,
is a dolphin
born the same time as you.


It awaits your friendship.

©Copyright - the name poet.

[Dylan - Welsh name meaning 'Great tide' - male]

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